There are several ways you can help BIAB

are a great way you can help BIAB.  This link will take you straight to our donation page.  Thanks!

Mail a donation directly to: Blessings in a Backpack, 123 King, Sacramento, CA. 95827 and please make checks payable to BIAB.

Food Drives help Blessings in a Backpack in a HUGE way by reducing our food bill.  We have a menu that gives you a good idea of the type of food we buy for our kids.  We keep our cost under $2.50 per child and that's for the entire weekend. 

A mini Food Drive is a great way for your child to earn some community service hours and help us out at the same time.  Clicking on this link will take you to our Food Drive info.  Please click here for Food Drive info.

Shopping at Amazon for BIAB

We have a list of our menu items available at and you may shop in your jammies, from the comfort of your home and STILL help BIAB feed the kids! Click the Buy Now button to the left and you leave our website and go to our menu list on Amazon.  For Prime members, the shipping is free on many of the items. I've set our list up with our shipping address and WALLA, the order will be delivered directly to BIAB!

We Love Our Volunteers

and we can't begin to do what we do without you.  Each of our fundraisers rely 100% on our friends, family and community to make them successful.  Girls Night Out each March, would be no fun without our ManServants and what lady doesn't enjoy being waited on.  Pancakes with the Principals we ask our schools staff to come and help us raise $$ and have held two breakfast fundraisers, so far.

We ask our local teens to help setup and even run some of our events.  We'd be lost without our teen volunteers at our Family Fun Day in the Park.  BIAB writes a mean thank you to our teens and are happy to sign their community service papers.

Our junior volunteers have held a bake sale and made just under $100 and that fed one child for the entire school year but the best part is the          enthusiasm the juniors have to help others.  We make sure to do several small fundraisers each year that the juniors have a lot of input and help with.

Volunteer Opportunities

Can you help for about 1 hour on Wednesday mornings loading the food?  We can begin as early as 9am and it will take less than an hour with two of us loading.

We have received a few grants over the past 2 years but we're sure we could be much more successful with the help of an experienced Grant Writer and we would be appreciative of your help.