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A great way you can help BIAB out is hosting a food drive.  Whether you work for an organization that can host a

 BIG food drive or if your child needs community service hours and can host a small food drive, we appreciate it all because every single bit helps us feed the kids here in Rancho.  Follow this link for more info or email


We are in desperate need of a bigger storage locker to keep our food in.  We are very fortunate to have large food drives to help us cut down our food bill but it will NOT fit in our current location.

We do not need refrigeration, simply a room we can store the food in and I can come and load it out of.  The Rancho Cordova area would be perfect as the schools we feed are in Rancho.

Please let us know if you can help us out and THANKS!

Click here to see other ways you can help BIAB.

Why We Do This

Kids should worry about being kids and not where their next meal is coming from.  Sadly hundreds of our children right here in Rancho Cordova have to wonder if that lunch they're eating on Friday is their last meal until they return to school on Monday.

We are a nonprofit working to end the 60+ hours some children go without food.  The kids receive free breakfast and lunch every day of the school year but what about the weekends? 

That's where Blessings in a Backpack steps in.  We send home 6 meals and 2 snacks each Friday to help combat a child from going hungry. 

How We Do This

Donations allow us to buy food and continue sending food for the children to take home for the weekend. 

Another great way you can help is by hosting a Food Drive.  We would love to talk with you and help arrange a food drive with your fellow employees, family, friends sports teams, etc.  Click here to see our menu and items we request.

We hold several Fundraisers yearly.  The Events tab will show you what is coming up and also pictures from past events.  Pancakes with the Principals, Kids Day at the Park, Girls Night Out, HELP us FEED the KIDS Golf Tournament are a few of our favorites.

Grants are another way we raise funds to feed the kids.  If you're a talented grant writer and can help us out, we can sure use the help.

How We've Changed

BIAB started packing 30 - 40 food bags in JD's dining and living rooms.  We stored the food we needed right there also and had my two grandgirls, Logan and Lindsay help each week.   Last year we fed over 200 children and had to move the operation out of the house and were fortunate to given space at Unity of Sacramento to store and pack our food bags.  This process worked pretty well for us but children were constantly asking us asking me what they could do to help, which got us to thinking.

We have the pleasure of partnering with Folsom Cordova Stand For The Silent, an anti bullying campaign, at many of our events and their leader, Jacqui, is part of the J Crew steering committee with BIAB.  We decided to move packing the food bags to each of our schools.  Their respective student councils lead up the packing each week.  BIAB delivers the food to the schools each Wednesday and the children take it from there.  KIDS helping KIDS has to help create just a bit more kindness. 

Many of the children we've encountered expressed surprise that other students might go weekends without food and with that in mind, we saw an opportunity to educate and give kids a tool to help with this delicate subject.  We are introducing the book Maddi's Fridge to students at our elementary schools via students from each school doing a skit with the book.  Maddi's Fridge is written by a teacher, Lois Brandt and is perfect for us to teach this life lesson.

There are several ways you can help and clicking here will take you to more information.

Look What We Won!

In March Rancho Cordova Community Council hosts a yearly Volunteer awards party and BIAB was honored for "Outstanding Service To Youth."  We were honored to be selected.  Mayor David Sander introduced each of the winning nonprofits and did an excellent job explaining who we are and what we are doing.  Being recognized for our efforts is an awesome feeling!

FCUSD Chose BIAB for Partner of the Year!

Our school district really surprised us with this award in April 2016.  We were honored to be one of the 45 nominated for this award and amazed we were selected as one of the four winners.  Having the support of our community and school district is paramount to our success and we are thrilled with the relationships we are building.